Alicia sees a growing social problem

Alicia makes insurance work for freelancers, at any time.

The world has become digital and on-demand. We shop at Amazon, we use Airbnb and for travel and if we need a ride, we use mobility sharing platforms or Uber. The rise of the platform economy has completely changed consumer behaviour and has also entered the rapidly changing world of work.

At this moment the European workforce counts around 33 million freelancers and this number is growing fast at around 9% per year. Currently 1 out of 6 employees is seriously considering becoming a freelancer. These impressive numbers also bring in a growing social problem as many freelancers are working under- or even uninsured. Either because it’s very complex to find and get a fitting insurance or simply because it’s too expensive.

The world of insurance, unfortunately, is not built for flexibility and agility and therefore struggles to keep up with the changing demand with a growing protection gap as a tangible result. As we speak, there are consultants right now, working on the biggest job of their lives, under- or even uninsured.

Alicia believes proper insurance is possible for all freelancers. For that reason Alicia offers fit-for-purpose insurance products by combining solid insurance experience and innovative technology directly embedded into the platforms that freelancers use.

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Our Beliefs


We love simplifying complicated new realities. To solve protection at the speed we're looking forward, simplicity is not enough. We need ultra-simplicity.

Selfishly Servant

We'll jump in wherever we're needed. If it's in the background, we'll be in the background. If it's on stage, we will shine. As long as we solve the issue, anything goes.

Great, not Good

People trust us with critical issues. We do not take this lightly. We strive for great, not good.

We identify and solve protection gaps in the platform economy by offering personalized and pay-per-use insurance directly embedded into platforms.

How it works

  1. Together, we determine the insurance needs of your users.
  2. We select the best-fitting solution: usage-based, subscription-based or collective.
  3. We’ll implement our plug & play branded tech solution within a day.
  4. Yeah, we’re live!
  5. Alicia’s Customer Success Centre now takes care of your users.


It’s that simple!