Alicia MGA B.V.

About Alicia MGA B.V.

As a managing general agent, Alicia MGA B.V. is licensed to accept and administer insurance policies, of which the risk is carried by a number of insurers. Alicia MGA B.V. also carries responsibility for the correct handling of claims, in collaboration with the respective insurers.

Alicia MGA B.V. belongs to Lockhart Holding B.V. and is a candidate member of the Dutch Association for MGAs (NVGA), which maintains high quality standards for all members.


The relationship between Alicia MGA B.V. and Alicia Insurance B.V.

Alicia MGA B.V. works exclusively with broker Alicia Insurance B.V. to create and maintain high quality insurance products. The products that Alicia Insurance B.V. offers to or through partners are developed and/or customised in Alicia’s style by Alicia MGA B.V.


Conflicts of interest

Alicia MGA B.V. and broker Alicia Insurance B.V. are part of the same group of companies. Should a conflict of interest occur, then the manager of the MGA is responsible for making sure the appropriate steps are taken in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. If a conflict of interest occurs, this situation is assessed by the manager of Alicia MGA B.V.
  2. The manager decides the right course of action, based on the protocol (see below).
  3. If a conflict occurs between two or more clients while a claim is being processed, the handling of the claim is entirely or partially handed over to the appropriate risk carrier.

To make sure conflicting situations can be resolved effectively, the following agreements have been made:

  • The manager of the Alicia MGA B.V. is responsible for all matters related to the MGA.
  • Alicia Insurance B.V. and Alicia MGA B.V. have strict arrangements regarding accepting and altering insurances, and how claims are handled. The processes are clearly defined and reviewed regularly.
  • Only employees who are dedicated to Alicia MGA B.V. perform activities on behalf of the risk carriers.
  • If the arranged procedures don’t provide clear enough instructions for certain situations, the manager of Alicia MGA B.V. decides the right course of action.
  • Procedures can only be overruled in accordance with the manager of Alicia MGA B.V.
  • If the decided course of action deviates from the warranted agreements, the existing procedures can only be overruled in accordance with both the manager of Alicia MGA B.V. and the involved risk carrier.



If you have any questions, you can contact Alicia MGA B.V. by calling or sending an email. All necessary contact information can be found in the footer of this page.

Alicia MGA B.V. works with the following risk carriers: