Alicia is expanding internationally thanks to their collaboration with Roamler

This collaboration marks the introduction of a collective, pan-European, plug-and-play insurance solution for work platforms.

, by The Alicia team

The new collaboration between Alicia, a Rotterdam-based insurtech specialising in the development and offering embedded insurance for freelancers, and Roamler, an international work platform for retail, tech & healthcare, has brought Alicia’s tailor-made insurances to six European countries. Starting September 1st, freelancers working through Roamler’s platform are insured against liability and accidents. The partnership is the first step in realising Alicia’s international ambitions: the insurance solution will be launched in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the UK, in addition to the Netherlands.


Freelancers often not insured

Internationally, more and more digital platforms for flexible work are emerging and the number of platform workers is growing rapidly. A large number of them currently work underinsured, or even completely uninsured. The reasons being that finding and taking out appropriate insurance is complex, or that the costs are simply too high. For instance, less than 20 percent of freelancers doing flexible work through online platforms are covered against workplace accidents.

More than two million tasks are performed annually throughout Europe through Roamler’s platform. The company intends to contribute to the well-being of freelancers who find work through the work platform and fulfils this ambition with Alicia’s embedded insurance products. From September 1st, insurance for both liability and personal accidents will be offered, directly integrated into the Roamler app.

By implementing this solution, Roamler hopes to inspire other digital platforms and policymakers to improve the overall well-being of platform workers. Jeroen ten Haave, CEO at Roamler, says: “Our platform enables self-employed professionals to access more opportunities and use their skills anytime, anywhere. Besides giving access to assignments, we now also facilitate Roamler users with appropriate and relevant business insurances while performing their tasks through the Roamler platform.”


Alicia’s growth continues

“European expansion has always been our ambition. Platforms are not bound by national borders, and freelancers make up a large (and growing) part of the labour market in our surrounding countries as well. By developing tailor-made and appropriate insurances for all freelancers and embedding them directly into the platforms they use, we can enable flexible, independent work to become a sustainable, scalable and responsible way of working in today’s society,” says Marijn Moerman, co-founder and CEO of Alicia. “We are proud of our collaboration with Roamler, which in addition to a great new partnership also marks the introduction of our collective, pan-European plug-and-play insurance solution for work platforms. We can serve platform workers in six countries in their native language from our international Customer Service Centre.”

Starting September 1st, Alicia has welcomed as a partner in addition to Roamler, underlining the insurtech’s ambition to continue its rapid growth. Recently, HeadFirst, Jobner, Guidion, Temper, Lawyerlinq and ZZP365, among others, choose to work with Alicia. The insurtech saw the number of policyholders increase from 2,000 to over 40,000 in only six months’ time.