Want to make an impact?

What a time to be alive! Old conventions are questioned, and the way people look at work now is very different from previous generations. The number of freelancers is growing, but they're often uninsured. We're here to fix that.

Alicia is the insurance freelancers were always hoping for.

Combining solid insurance and innovative tech, we offer pay-per-use insurance products directly embedded into the work platforms freelancers are already using. It’s easier and cheaper for them, and increases their loyalty to our partners as we go.

Alicia aims to make insurance work for everyone, anywhere and at any time. It’s this big, lofty statement that we try to realise from our Rotterdam HQ every day.

About us

We are on a mission.

Too many freelancers go to work uninsured. There are many reasons why — the shortest explanation is that traditional insurance doesn’t fit freelancers’ wants, needs and expectations. But this protection gap can be solved if we completely rethink insurance. From push to pull. From rigid to flexible. From generalised to personalised. From confusing to clear.
And that’s why we’re here.

Alicia — Insurance for the Independent

The Alicia beliefs - not just what we do, but also how we do it.


We love simplifying complicated new realities. To solve protection gaps at the speed we're looking for, simplicity is not enough. We need ultra-simplicity.

Selfishly Servant

We'll jump in wherever we're needed. If it's in the background, we'll be in the background. If it's on stage, we will shine. As long as we solve the issue, anything goes.

Great, not Good

People trust us with critical issues. We do not take this lightly. We strive for great, not good.

“The insurance industry needs to offer insurances that truly fit with the customer’s specific wants and needs. Including those of freelancers. You wouldn’t play tennis with football shoes either.”

— Marijn Moerman, CEO

Meet the team.

“Working at Alicia gives me the opportunity to be in the front line of innovation. Constantly improving our tech with an international team. And have time to go kitesurfing.”

— Vincent, Tech

“A great product, awesome team and having the freedom to pitch new ideas. I love to make a real connection with our customers, users and anyone who’s rooting for Alicia’s mission.”

— Ditte, MarCom

“I love to be surrounded with ambitious people and to be involved and committed in the world of innovation!”

— Mandana, Customer Success


There are many perks to working at Alicia. Here’s just a few of them.

Stock appreciation rights

Our long term incentive plan — if Alicia does well, we all do. Because if we do well, so does Alicia.

Flexible working hours

When and where you work is up to you. Want to work from France for a week? Go for it.

In-office lunch

Around 12 o’ clock, people get ravenous, and we set the 8-metre-long table to have lunch together.

Pension scheme

We care about you while you work at Alicia, and afterwards too.

Tune into the conversation. Catch up @Alicia


The recruitment process


Submit your application.


There’ll be a first call with the talent manager, to see if there’s a match from both sides.


Interview number one – more like a chemistry session – with the talent manager and a potential team member.


Prepare a business case so you can learn more about what we do, and we can see you in action. Also discuss any last questions from either side.


We’ll make you an offer. Hopefully it’s an offer you can’t refuse and you accept.


Time to celebrate – welcome to the Alicia team!

Ask us anything

Want to know more about Alicia and our open positions? Or are you the person we didn’t know we needed? Whatever the reason, feel free to reach out! Send an email to [email protected]