HeadFirst Group x Alicia Benefits

Fully embedded collective insurance for independent professionals

The challenge

Nowadays, many freelancers find assignments through online platforms. And with the rising number of freelancers, also comes an increase in work platforms. It raises the question: how do you gain freelancers’ preference and loyalty in an increasingly competitive field? The answer lies in value added services, going above and beyond to make freelancers’ lives easier.

HeadFirst Group – international fullservice HR service provider and the largest platform for professionals in the Netherlands – has long cracked this code, offering a range of truly valuable services. On their platform Select, professionals can choose between three different packages including different levels of beneficial services, ranging from education programmes to faster payments to, you guessed it, insurance.

Looking to offer insurance that’s fully embedded, and fit both the needs of the independent professionals as well as the company ambitions for years to come, HeadFirst Group and Alicia were a perfect match.


The solution

HeadFirst Group’s Professional Services called for a collective insurance product, to match and maintain the ease with which their professionals can get started on their platform Select. So Alicia Benefits and HeadFirst Group selected a package of collective insurance products that best fit the needs of professionals. ‘Fit’ being the keyword here, thanks to the knowledge HeadFirst Group has on the assignments their professionals take on. Their knowledge gives more insight into what an independent professional will actually be doing during their assignment. Using this data, professionals’ coverage is adjusted based on the assignments they take on, to make sure they’re always protected properly. This data-driven approach results in products that reflect the risks and work of the group more closely. Long story short: professionals get the coverage they need, for a lower contribution thanks to this smart collaboration.

The collaboration between HeadFirst Group and Alicia Benefits makes it infinitely easier for independent professionals to work on their assignments well-protected.