Knab x Alicia

Improving Knab’s customer satisfaction and loyalty through embedded insurance

The challenge

Knab is an online bank that specialises in a personal, fully digital customer experience. They serve over 300.000 clients, including some 170.000 freelancers. As other fintechs and digital neobanks are also challenging and realised the status quo for financial services, constant innovation is key. Always looking to add value for its customers, Knab wanted to broaden its offerings and become a financial one-stop shop for its freelance population. Insurance was a sensible first step.


The solution

Knab and Alicia identified the types of insurance Knab customers typically need. To make these products accessible, we built an online funnel integrated into the Knab App. White label APIs make sure the customer experience is seamless and compliant with all rules and regulations.

Knab clients can now get insured in minutes, after going through a simple journey that starts at the ‘Insurance’ tab in the Knab App. Guided through the Knab-branded Alicia environment, they’re presented with the available products based on their profession. These products can start as early as the next day, and can be cancelled on a daily basis. Fully flexible insurance products that fit the freelancers’ needs.

Customer feedback made it clear – this was the right move. After a successful launch, Knab and Alicia are continuously looking for more ways to add value for Knab’s customers and further strengthen Knab’s position as the market leading digital bank for freelancers.