What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that help our website remember your personal preferences and interests. Our cookies will never save any of your personal information, like your name, address or age.


Which types of cookies are there?

Necessary (mandatory)
Some cookies are needed to make sure our website can work properly. They also contribute to safe browsing online. These types of cookies are always on and don’t require explicit consent, since they’re required for the website to work.

Analytics (optional)
Analytical cookies help us improve our website to be as user-friendly as possible, by gaining insight into people’s behaviour on our website. Thanks to this, we can make adjustments to our website that make your interaction with the website more pleasant in the future.

Functional (optional)
Functional cookies help bring our website’s performance to a next level, compared to just the necessary cookies. This helps our website remember any preferences you indicated when using the website.

Performance (optional)
With performance cookies, we gain insight into how well our website works and performs, for example loading speed. Based on this information, we can adapt our website to perform better in the future.

Advertisement (optional)
Advertising cookies help us show you information that is of interest to you. That way, if you visit the website more often, the information you see will be catered to your interests and needs.