The fastest and easiest way to unlock your digital distribution

With Alicia's plug & play technology, you’ll grow your business and revenue. No need for extra manpower or hefty IT-investments.

What working with Alicia will do for you

Additional revenue streams

It’s two-fold. Gain new customers you couldn’t properly service before. Customers we can’t help, go straight to your advisors.

Increase your efficiency

Give your insurance experts more time to focus on the big fish – let our digital customer onboarding rake in the easy cases.

Plug & play technology

Our technology is ready to go. We’ll deliver an online sales funnel in any style. Easily integrated into any website, as seamless as you’d expect.

Why Alicia

Fully digital distribution, within arm’s reach.

Unlock new segments of customers through digital distribution. We’ll even match your or your customer’s look and feel in the digital onboarding, to make the experience seamless. No need to create develop your own technology or hire more advisors.

Expand your services with Alicia

Ensure a fast time to market with our proven execution-only solution. You can start gaining new customers and increase your revenue and margins without any extra effort.


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customers in over 5 countries
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The new way of selling insurance.

Alicia – Insurance as a Service.

Insurance as a Service

We’ll share our insurance technology with you, so you can start servicing new customers without needing to change your IT-landscape.

Low effort, high impact

With our execution-only tech solution, your new customers can get insured all by themselves. Gain more customers without needing more advisors.

Fully compliant solutions

Thanks to our years of insurance expertise, we know the insurance industry well and are 100% compliant with all regulations. Our solution even got awarded by the Dutch NVGA, so you know it’s serious.

The best innovations help solve a social problem. And that is exactly what Alicia aims to do: fix a growing social issue by working with and enabling the insurance industry to innovate.

AMweb, about Alicia's NVGA win

How it works

Insurance that’s fully integrated and automated, right within your ecosystem.

Step 1 —

Pick (your) insurance products

Together, we’ll make sure the insurance products are ready for conversion-driven, digital distribution.

Step 2 —

Integrate plug & play insurance

We’ll combine the products with our cutting-edge technology.

Step 3 —

Plug your products anywhere

With your digital products and clever tech, you’re ready to implement your products anywhere. We’ll keep optimising the buyer journey behind the scenes for maximum conversion.

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Knab x Alicia

Embedded insurance for loyalty & satisfaction

Knab is always looking to better service its customers and expand its online ecosystem. Supporting many freelancers, Alicia’s embedded insurance solutions were a great place for the market leading neobank to start.