Collective insurance for freelancers

Most freelancers don’t want to think long and hard about which insurances or coverage they need. Our collective insurance solution for freelancers takes all of that stress away.

How collective insurance benefits your platform.

Protect workers

With collective insurances, you make sure your freelancers are protected. If something ever goes wrong, they can rely on the Alicia Support Team for help and fast, personal service.

Offer clients peace of mind

Uninsured work doesn’t just mean trouble for freelancers – it can also affect their clients. With collective insurance, clients can unlock the potential of freelancers with peace of mind.

Make a difference

The platform economy may be new, but basic securities are timeless. With collective insurance, you can offer your freelancers the care and service they need, while staying on the right side of the law.

What is collective freelance insurance?

A collective solution that makes sure all your freelancers are properly insured in one go – it’s possible with Collective.

Besides covering the insurance basics, like business liability and accidents, Collective can be tailored to also include other valuable services, like legal advice.

Collective is more than an insurance package – it’s the complete package for freelancers.

Collective freelance insurance: how does it work?

Flex, gig or platform work – every freelancer is different. That’s why we always look at your freelance population and tailor the collective package according to their needs.

It’s a bit like pick-and-mix: add insurance or  a service, or leave one out. It all depends on what your freelancers do and need.

Community vs Membership – a solution for every platform

Alicia — Insurance for the independent.

The community

With the Collective Community insurance solution, you can be certain that your freelancers go to their assignments well-protected. Freelancers are automatically enrolled, so they don’t have to spend time looking for or purchasing the right insurances. And because they’re always covered while working, your clients can unlock freelancers’ potential to the fullest.

The membership

With the Collective Membership solution, your freelancers decide whether they want to make use of Alicia’s insurances. They can join or leave the programme whenever they please. This way, freelancers keep their autonomy, and you can help by offering an easy solution which makes sure they’re insured while working via your platform.

Collective Community

Temper x Alicia Benefits

Pay-per-use collective insurance for gig workers

With gig work back on the rise post-pandemic, Temper wanted to make sure there wasn’t even a shadow of a doubt that their FreeFlexers went to work well-protected. With the Alicia Benefits community, all FreeFlexers are now covered for liability, accidents, and even sick pay.

No matter the solution you pick, Alicia is always

Human focused

Insurances made for people. Alicia’s Customer Success Centre is there to help your users quickly, and always with a personal touch.


Always the right coverage, for any occasion. Tailor-made to fit the needs of your business and users.

Ultra simple

To make things as simple as possible is what we do on a daily basis. From the tech to the terms, we don’t make insurance harder than it needs to be.