Individual insurance for freelancers

Freelancers are in control – they decide which assignments they take on, and when they want to take some time off work. Alicia’s individual on-demand insurance solution offers the coverage freelancers need, at peak flexibility.

Why you should offer individual freelance insurance

Fitting & flexible protection

Freelancers have different insurance needs than SMEs and big companies. Show them you understand their wants and needs by facilitating insurance that’s as flexible as they are.

Peace of mind for clients too

Uninsured work doesn’t just mean trouble for freelancers – it can also affect their clients. With freelance insurance, clients can unlock the potential of freelancers with peace of mind.

Compliant & protected

Freelancers’ upswing may be new, but proper securities are timeless. You can facilitate the proper protection of freelancers while remaining 100% compliant.


Every freelancer is different – they’re experts in their field and decide when they (don’t) want to work. That’s why our individual insurance covers profession-based risks, with flexible start and end dates.

We’ve identified the risks involved with freelance professions, and adjusted our insurances so they cover just that. That’s fitting insurance coverage with full control and flexibility.


With our online sales funnel, freelancers can get insured within 4 minutes. Based on their profession, they’re presented with the insurances available for them, with the coverage already adjusted to their needs.

Your freelancers decide which insurances they want, and when they want them. We just make it as easy as possible for them, with a seamless user experience.


Discover Alicia's technology

Flexible, fitting and compliant

Alicia — Insurance for the independent.

Individual insurance in practice

Knab x Alicia

Embedded insurance for loyalty & satisfaction

Knab is always looking to better service its customers and expand its online ecosystem. Supporting many freelancers, Alicia’s embedded insurance solutions were a great place for the market leading neobank to start.

No matter the solution you pick, Alicia is always

Human focused

Insurances made for people. Alicia’s Customer Success Centre is there to help your users quickly, and always with a personal touch.


Always the right coverage, for any occasion. Tailor-made to fit the needs of your business and users.

Ultra simple

To make things as simple as possible is what we do on a daily basis. From the tech to the terms, we don’t make insurance harder than it needs to be.