Tech features

‘Fitting insurance’ isn’t just about policy conditions - it’s also about how easily people can get insured and their user experience. Our tech plays an essential part in that.

Alicia's tech

is an integral part of what we do. It’s what makes us truly different from regular insurance companies. Our way of doing insurance is white label and embedded, it’s API-connected, it’s plug-and-play. It’s insurance that fits the here and now.

It’s white label & embedded

We create online funnels for our partners, where users can obtain their insurance products. The funnels are white label, so we can (co-)brand the funnel for the best, seamless user experience. All we need is your logo, font, brand colours, and a couple minutes. We’ll provide you with the code, and you’re all set to add the funnel to your own environment.

It’s API-connected

With our funnels, we can establish an API connection with your platform. This’ll allow your users to skip questions they’ve filled out on your platform before: name, address and so on. Fully compliant and with permission, of course. This API-connection is not a requirement for our funnels. They work great without, but if you’re willing to do a bit extra in the name of user-friendliness, this feature will do just that.

It’s plug-and-play

We pride ourselves in simplifying difficult things – that goes for our tech as well, both the implementation and the usability. Implementing our tech takes less than an hour, depending on how advanced you’d like the integration to be. Fully connected through APIs, working with referral links, or in between. It’s up to you. After implementation, you can relax – we’ll keep optimising behind the scenes.


Alicia — Insurance as a Service.