Businesss liability insurance

From pushing over an expensive vase, to being to blame for somebody’s injuries - many accidents can happen during freelancers’ assignments. With business liability insurance, they’ve got support in case something does happen.


Business liability insurance offers freelancers support if they accidentally cause damages to other people’s belongings. Or, even worse, to other people. Such damages can get very steep very quickly. A broken laptop is manageable, but personal injury is a lot more complicated. Besides that, this insurance helps a freelancer pay for legal costs if they’re held liable, also if the claim against them is unjustified.


Business liability insurance isn’t mandatory. Still, many contracts and agreements between freelancers and clients will state that the freelancer needs to have this insurance sorted. In that case, they’re contractually bound. Which is understandable, since an uninsured, unable-to-pay freelancer can leave the client in a bad situation.

Business liability insurance can soften the blow and make sure all parties involved can continue with business as usual as soon as possible.

Covered yes/no.

Here’s an overview of what is and isn’t covered by business liability insurance. We believe that insurance has to fit like a glove. Contact our sales team to discuss how we can tailor insurance to your freelancers.

  • Damages to people
  • Damages to other people's belongings
  • Assistance when held liable
  • Optional: damages to other people's belongings that a freelancer works with
  • Personal belongings
  • Damages to or with motor vehicles
  • Intentional damages

Always a fitting solution for your freelancers.

Every freelancer and platform is different – that’s why Alicia has different insurance solutions. We make sure there’s always one that fits your platform.


Ultra-flexible insurance that truly fits freelancers. Fitting coverage that’s purchased online in less than 4 minutes and active the next day, with the ability to cancel daily.


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The tailor-made, all-in-one solution. Differentiate your platform by ensuring all your freelancers are automatically insured, or enable them to become Alicia members.


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