Workation insurance for freelancers

More and more freelancers choose to become digital nomads. They travel around the world with their ‘workspace’, combining work with fun. With the workation travel insurance, they’re covered during their travels for both work and leisure.


Freelancers are increasingly combining work and leisure during their business trips. It’s dubbed ‘workation’ – the combination of work and vacation. With the workation insurance, freelancers are covered for both. During their meetings in the morning, and during their exploration in town during the afternoon.


Workation insurance offers help and covers costs if something goes wrong during business travels. Someone might lose their luggage with all their equipment. Or worse: someone might get into an accident abroad.

Private travel insurance doesn’t offer coverage during business travels. With workation insurance, freelancers get the support they need in stressful situations like these.

Covered yes/no.

Here’s an overview of what is and isn’t covered by workation insurance.


We believe that insurance has to fit like a glove. Contact our sales team to discuss how we can tailor insurance to your freelancers.

  • Insured in Europe
  • Damages, theft and loss of luggage up to €3500
  • Costs of renting a replacement computer up to €1000
  • Ready to help emergency centre
  • Transport back home or extra accommodation costs after an accident, illness or death
  • Private travels
  • Dangerous sports
  • Professional sports
  • Travelling despite a doctor’s negative recommendation
  • Regular commute

Additional coverages.

To make sure the workation insurance is truly fitting for every freelancer, there’s these optional coverages.

⊕ Global coverage

⊕ Medical costs

⊕ Rental car deductible

⊕ Travel cancelation and interruption or changes

⊕ Winter sports

⊕ Underwater sports

 Always a fitting solution for your freelancers.

Every freelancer and platform is different – that’s why Alicia has different insurance solutions. We make sure there’s always one that fits your platform.


Ultra-flexible insurance that truly fits freelancers. Fitting coverage that’s purchased online in less than 4 minutes and active the next day, with the ability to cancel daily.


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The tailor-made, all-in-one solution. Differentiate your platform by ensuring all your freelancers are automatically insured, or enable them to become Alicia members.

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