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Who are we and where can you find us?

Alicia consists of the following three business units:

Alicia Insurance B.V.

  • KvK: 75354608
  • AFM: 12046794
  • KiFiD: 300.017507


Alicia MGA B.V.

  • KvK: 24280088
  • AFM: 12009343
  • KiFiD: 300.005970


Alicia Benefits B.V. (affiliated institution of Alicia Insurance B.V.)

  • KvK: 84747110
  • AFM: 12046794
  • KiFiD: 300.017507


When we refer to ‘Alicia’ in this Service Guide, we are referring to these three business units combined.

Our address is:

Coolsingel 104
3011AG Rotterdam


Our availability and opening times

Phone: +31 85 000 4100
E-mail: [email protected]

We are available Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Alicia Emergency Travel’s helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on +31 10 7982208


Our response times

  • If you submit an information request about your existing and/or new insurance policies, you will receive a response within 3 working days;
  • If you submit a request to accept a new insurance policy or change or cancel an existing one, you will receive a reply within 3 working days;
  • If you submit a request to provide insurance statements and documents, such as: policies and proofs of insurance (new and existing insurance), you will receive a reply within 3 working days;
  • If you file a claim with us or request an insurance payment from us, you will receive a reply within 3 working days;
  • If you submit a complaint to us, you will receive a response within 3 working days.

If we cannot meet the promised 1st response deadline, we will notify you when we will respond.


What do we provide?

Alicia Insurance B.V. has a permit from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to offer advice and act as broker in these financial services and/or products:

  • Payment accounts
  • Income insurance
  • Private and business indemnity insurance
  • Savings accounts
  • Assets (please note: we will only act as agent in this regard, never advise)
  • Health care insurance

Alicia Benefits B.V. is an affiliated institution of Alicia Insurance B.V. and uses the same license.

Alicia MGA B.V. is licensed by the AFM to advise, act as broker and act as an authorized agent in these financial services and/or products:

  • Income insurance
  • Private and business indemnity insurance
  • Health care insurance


How free are we in the advice we provide?

Alicia will not provide advice on the insurance policies you choose and take out for yourself.

If we provide advice, it is good to know that we are completely free in the advice we provide, which means that we are not obliged to sell the financial products of specific financial institutions. There are no financial institutions, such as a bank or insurance company, which have an ownership interest or say in Alicia , so the information and advice we provide is based purely on your best interest.

We decide for ourselves which providers we will do business with. This is based on: the premium they propose, the quality of their terms and conditions, and how the institution deals with a claim following a loss. Every year we check to see whether the selection we have made is still the right one for us and for you. On request, we can share with you the providers with whom we work.


Our charges for advice and mediation

You pay for our services in a number of different ways:

  • We receive an ongoing commission from your insurance provider for the services we provide in relation to indemnity insurance.
  • We always carry out services in relation to complex and impactful products based on a fixed rate.
  • For our work as an authorized agent, we receive commission from the insurer.
  • We do not charge you any additional costs such as policy, extension or cancellation fees. We will only charge you debt collection fees if you have failed to pay the premium despite our reminders. If this situation occurs, we will notify you in advance.


Our internal remuneration policy

The remuneration of our employees consists largely of a fixed salary. These fixed salaries are in line with market practice. Employees might receive a bonus on top of their fixed salary as Stock Appreciation Rights. This bonus is never larger than 20% of the fixed yearly salary. Furthermore, at least 50% of the criteria that determine the level of the bonus are qualitative, non-financial criteria. Examples are customer satisfaction, exemplary conduct, compliance or overall high performance in areas such innovation or product development or any other areas which are not tied to financial targets at Alicia. We regularly give our employees appraisals and guide them towards honorable, reliable and customer-oriented conduct. Our remuneration policy is drawn up in line with statutory guidelines.


If you have a complaint

We promote your interests in the financial services field as effectively as possible, but even we can make mistakes, which is why you may have a complaint. In that case, we ask you to report this in the first instance to us. We have a complaints process for this purpose: a fixed procedure that ensures that your complaint is being handled properly, appropriately and smoothly.
We strive to resolve complaints within 3 business days of receipt. A business day is a day from Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

If we cannot resolve your complaint within 3 business days, we will take the following steps:

  • We will confirm receipt of your complaint within 3 business days of receipt.
  • We aim to answer your complaint within 14 days after receipt.
  • If we cannot respond within 14 days, we will let you know in writing when you can expect our response (within a maximum of 6 weeks).

If we are unable to reach a mutual solution and your complaint relates to our financial services and you are a consumer, you can contact KiFiD, an independent organization which will handle your complaint. KiFiD can be contacted at:

Postbus 93257
2509 AG The Hague
Telephone: 0900 355 22 48
E-mail: [email protected]

The handling of your complaint is free of charge for you.

If your complaint concerns how we process your personal data, please contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) at:

Postbus 93374
2509 AJ The Hague
Telephone: 0900 200 12 01
E-mail: [email protected]

The handling of your complaint is free of charge for you.



Our office is registered with various organizations.

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) supervises the expertise and integrity of financial service providers on behalf of the government. The register of permit holders can be found at For questions about supervision, please contact the Financial Markets Reporting Point (Meldpunt Financiële Markten) on telephone number 0800 540 05 40.

Two of our members of staff, Marijn Moerman (GA0810) and Josina Gommers (GA0290), are registered in the Dutch Register of Authorized Agents. The requirements to be met by the RGA go beyond the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht) and relate to the transparent laying down and maintenance of the expertise level. Further information about this can be found at



Alicia possesses professional liability insurance, providing additional assurance for you. Any liability of Alicia is limited to the amount to which the professional liability insurance taken out by the legal entity in question gives entitlement.


General terms and conditions

The General terms and conditions of Alicia apply to the services we provide. These can be sent to you on request and are available on our website.


Any other questions?

The services we provide encompass more than we are able to tell you about in this document. If you have any other questions or want to find out more, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. The most up-to-date version of our Service Guide, our Privacy Declaration and our General Terms and Conditions can always be found at


Rotterdam, January 3rd 2023