Fully digital insurance that your users actually want

That’s what we do at Alicia.

Not every freelancer is the same, and not every online platform is either. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. With Alicia, you can offer your users fitting insurance in three different ways.

Usage-based insurance

Nobody wants to spend too much money and time on insurance. And there’s no reason to be doing so! Using the power of (limited, but smart) data, Alicia can provide your freelancers with truly hassle-free insurance.

Based on when a freelancer starts and finishes working, their insurance coverage will be turned on and off. And based on their assignments, the right coverage is automatically selected. This way they only pay for coverage when they actually need it, for the coverage that fits their assignments, and no longer need to worry about whether they’re insured or not while on the job.

With usage-based insurance, your freelancers…

  • will never pay too much for their insurance
  • won’t accidentally go to work uninsured ever again
  • always have perfectly fitting coverage, also if their work changes
  • enjoy the ease of data-driven insurance, with full user-autonomy

Subscription-based insurance

Ask any freelancer if they’ve ever had an assignment extended last-minute. The answer is most likely yes. That might be good news, but it can lead to problems with freelancers’ insurances. Set-in-stone policy durations give freelancers two options: 1) continue the rest of the assignment uninsured, or 2) renew their insurance policy for longer than they need it, and pay the price it comes with.

Alicia’s subscription approach to insurance ends this struggle once and for all. Pick-and-choose flexible insurance products that are active the next day, which can be cancelled on a daily basis. Just the flexibility your freelancers need.

With subscription-based insurance, your freelancers…

  • can be covered within 24 hours
  • can cancel their insurance daily, so they never overpay
  • have full autonomy over their insurances at all times
  • enjoy coverage that fits perfectly with their profession


Typically, freelancers don’t enjoy spending time on arranging their insurance. We understand that! For ultimate ease, we’ve developed Alicia Benefits: a collective insurance package.

As a platform, you can choose whether freelancers become members automatically, or let your freelancers decide for themselves. Alicia Benefits makes sure freelancers are covered for multiple important insurances in one go, and alleviates worry for both your freelancers and your clients.

With Alicia Benefits, your freelancers…

  • are covered for multiple insurances in one go
  • can become members within minutes, or automatically
  • always have perfectly fitting coverage based on their assignments
  • only pay for their coverage when they’re working