Subscription-based insurance

Coverage that’s as flexible as freelancers themselves

Nowadays, nearly everything can be bought on a subscription basis. With Alicia’s subscription-based solution, we’re bringing this convenience and flexibility to the world of insurance.

For freelancers especially, flexibility is key. On the one hand, they have full control over when they do or don’t work. On the other hand, their assignments are often extended beyond their expected end date. Our subscription-based insurance solution fits in perfectly with the ebbs and flows of freelancing.

How it works

Your freelancers fill in their profession in an online insurance environment, which can be branded or unbranded to your desires for a seamless experience. Based on their profession, they’re presented with the insurance products that fit them specifically. They can pick and choose which ones they want, and purchase their fitting insurance within a few minutes. In that same environment, freelancers can end their coverage daily.

Ultimate flexibility, with a seamless user experience.

How embedding insurance will benefit your platform

Become the one-stop-shop for freelancers
Today, convenience and personal service are key. Show freelancers that you cater to their needs and become their preferred platform.

Gain user satisfaction and loyalty
Save your freelancers time and trouble by offering insurance that fits their needs perfectly. Watch their satisfaction and loyalty grow thanks to easily arranged, well-protected work.

Be an industry pioneer
Offer your freelancers the insurance they need, without compromising their freelance-status on your platform. Proper protection, without the hassle!

Top-notch service for your freelancers and clients
Too many freelancers go to work uninsured, which can mean trouble for both the freelancer and the client. Ensure top-notch service for both, also in times of need.

Generate extra revenue
Offering embedded insurance creates more traffic, attracting new users and thus more revenue. Besides, well-protected and well-serviced freelancers and clients are happier and more loyal. Win-win!

Check out this case about our subscription-based insurance solution in practice:

Knab x Alicia

Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through embedded insurance

Knab is always looking to better service its customers and expand its online ecosystem. Supporting many freelancers, Alicia’s embedded insurance solutions were a great place for the market leading neobank to start.