Usage-based insurance

On-off insurance that works when your freelancers do

The power of data has been unlocked by many industries to better their products and services. Insurance, however, was lagging behind. Not anymore!

With Alicia’s usage-based insurance solution, a limited selection of data is used to make sure freelancers are always covered properly when they’re working. Especially for freelancers who tend to choose short or sporadic assignments, usage-based insurance makes sure your freelancers never go to work uninsured. And they don’t even have to think twice about it (literally).

How it works

An insurance section is added to your online environment. Here, freelancers can opt-in. Later when they start working, relevant data is exchanged with our smart insurance software through API-connections. With that data, our insurance knows exactly when to start and stop the coverage, which coverage is needed or not, adjust the premium accordingly, and much more. All to make sure your freelancers get exactly what they need, when they need it, and however long they need it for.

Insurance doesn’t get smarter than this.

How embedded insurance can benefits your platform

Become the one-stop-shop for freelancers

Today, convenience and personal service are key. Show freelancers that you cater to their needs and become their preferred platform.

Gain user satisfaction and loyalty

Save your users time and hassle by offering insurance that fits their needs perfectly. Watch their satisfaction and loyalty grow thanks to easily arranged, well-protected work.

Be an industry pioneer

Offer your freelancers the insurance they need, without compromising their freelance-status on your platform. Proper protection, without the hassle!

Top-notch service for your freelancers and clients

Too many freelancers go to work uninsured, which can mean trouble for both the freelancers and the clients. Ensure top-notch service for both in times of need.

Generate extra revenue

Offering embedded insurance creates more traffic, attracting new users and thus more revenue. Besides, well-protected and well-serviced freelancers and clients are happier and more loyal. Win-win!

Check out this case for more info about our solution in practice!

Temper x Alicia

Solving gig workers’ protection gaps

Gig work is on the rise, and has been for a while now. Yet the insurance industry struggles to keep up, leaving many gig workers uninsured. Alicia helped Temper protect its FreeFlexers by integrating flexible insurance.