Our founding story

How Alicia came to be.

Alicia sees a growing social problem

We are on a mission to identify and solve the global protection gap.

Meet the founders

Marijn Moerman
Richard Arnold

How it began

Alicia was founded in 2019 by Marijn Moerman (CEO) and Richard Arnold (CTO). At the time, Marijn had been in the insurance industry for 20 years. Always keeping a close eye on innovation, he got inspired by cases of embedded insurance elsewhere in the world.

Then the platform economy started to gain traction back home, in The Netherlands. Temper, an online work platform for hospitality shifts, approached Marijn with the question if he could help them make insurance fitting and accessible for their freelancers.

The solution had to conform to their standards of user-friendliness (something the insurance industry wasn’t exactly known for). Everything had to meet the flexible nature of the platform and be fully digital. Insurance coverage that can be activated and deactivated with the push of a button, all within the Temper platform – embedded insurance.

Marijn knew exactly what they meant, but couldn’t do that from within his insurance company at the time. He was held back by industry processes and IT legacy systems. Until Richard entered the equation, who didn’t mind a challenge. The issues of rusty processes and ‘how to develop disruptive insurance technology’ were soon to be resolved, by simply starting from scratch.

With the support of some open-minded and innovative insurers, Marijn and Richard were able to put their idea into practice. Alicia was officially born, with a usage-based insurance and tech solution for Temper’s freelance users as the first case.

Since then, a lot has changed. After this proof of concept for the world of work proved successful, we started looking beyond that – because the protection gap isn’t limited to just work.

Alicia now has over 100.000 people insured in 6 countries – and we’re not even close to being done. Want to tag along for the ride?

Traditional insurance products just don't fit anymore. Insurance needs to be as simple, on-demand and digital as ordering take-away. It's what people are used to, it's what they expect. Let's not pretend insurance is fun.

Marijn Moerman, CEO Alicia

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