About us

Hi, we’re Alicia. We’re an insurtech, making insurance work for everyone. Nice to meet you.







Alicia sees a changing world.

Our world is digital and on-demand. The rise of the platform economy has completely changed our lives.

Around the world, humans are questioning old world conventions and shifting their values. Today’s digital natives only want products when they use them, on-demand.

… and a growing social problem.

While many industries are adjusting to these new needs and expectations, the insurance industry stays behind. That means supply is not meeting demand.

The result: globally, people are severely underinsured. Research confirms it – the global rate of insurance is only 50% of what it needs to be to ensure proper protection.

We’re faced with a huge global protection gap.

There are many reasons why people aren’t getting insured.

The shortest explanation is that traditional insurance struggles to keep up with the changes, and doesn’t fit people’s wants, needs and expectations.

But this protection gap can be solved if we completely rethink insurance.

From push to pull.

From rigid to flexible.

From generalised to personalised.

From confusing to clear.

That’s where Alicia comes in.

Alicia makes user-friendly insurtech solutions and embeds them at point of sale, to fix the unnecessary protection gap.


That’s quite the sentence. So let’s break it down.

Alicia makes user-friendly

The modern customer expects everything to be digital, on-demand and personalised. Alicia’s insurance solutions meet all of those expectations – a seamless and easy buying experience, no matter the product.

Insurtech solutions

Our pilot for the world of work confirms it – buying and selling insurance can be so much easier, with Alicia’s technology. Whether it’s high tech, low tech or no tech, we have a solution with a top-notch buyer journey for any kind of insurance.

Embedded at point of sale

There’s no need for insurance to be hard to find. It should be right where it’s relevant to people – think of a checkbox at the end of a transaction, or wherever you want it to be. The result: insurance that’s on-demand.

To fix the unnecessary protection gap

We won’t pretend that insurance is fun, but it’s important that people are well-protected. Globally, what is insured and what should be insured isn’t matching up, leaving a massive protection gap. By making insurance meet modern demands, everyone can get the protection they need.

Alicia — Insurance as a Service.

Our beliefs


We love simplifying complicated new realities. To solve protection at the speed we're looking forward, simplicity is not enough. We need ultra-simplicity.

Selfishly Servant

We'll jump in wherever we're needed. If it's in the background, we'll be in the background. If it's on stage, we will shine. As long as we solve the issue, anything goes.

Great, not Good

People trust us with critical issues. We do not take this lightly. We strive for great, not good.

We can’t do it on our own though.

We can’t close the protection gap on our own. We need a big mindset shift from everyone involved – from acting product-centric to user-centric. We’re all in this together.

We’re on a triple mission.

  1. Make insurance accessible and understandable
  2. Help the insurance industry meet modern demands
  3. Close the protection gap

Join us on our mission.


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