Grow your business with digital insurance solutions.

The licences, the tech, the fit-for-purpose products, the customer care – we've got it all, and you can use them to offer insurance to your users. That's what we call Insurance as a Service.

Insurance as a Service – peace of mind for users and for you.

Plug & play insurance, live within a day

We stand for ultra-simplicity – that also goes for our tech. Our solutions can be implemented within a day. We’ll send you everything you need, and you’re ready to go. It really is that easy.


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Offer the benefits people really need.

Insurances that are adjusted specifically to fit the real needs of people, brought to them – Alicia’s product team knows all about it. We’ve set the right example, with insurances specifically tailored to freelancers. 

But we’re here because we want to close the global protection gap – so we’re open to any and all products.


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Best in class support

You wouldn’t trust your users to just anybody – we understand that. Our dedicated Customer Success Team is ready to help your users with all their troubles and questions. With patience, clarity and understanding at the heart of everything they do, it’s no surprise that they love them.


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For all kinds of companies

Insurance as a Service is flexible and tailor-made for your business. That’s what we mean with fit-for-purpose. Discover the insurance solutions for your business.



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HeadFirst Group x Alicia Benefits

Collective insurance for independent professionals

To service their professionals at the highest potential, HeadFirst Group is committed to continuously optimising the services they provide. With Alicia Benefits, they can offer an array of fully embedded, perfectly fitting insurance solutions to their professionals.