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What we do

Alicia connects insurers to users of gig, sharing and finance platforms. Established internet platforms are our distributing partners. We deliver on-demand insurance solutions that are seamlessly integrated into the customer journey.

Alicia provides an API to create the most fluent user experience possible.

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Alicia is an Insurtech company. With our technology we reduce cost and improve efficiency for users and risk-carriers. We connect both traditional and innovative products to new ways of working and interacting with users.

Our goal is to provide the best protection on-demand, with the greatest ease and flexibility possible.

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Seamless (white-label) integration with our partners through our API.

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Our partners have to deal with big amounts of data and transactions. We run along and don't keep anyone waiting.

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Our insurances are presented in the user flow of our partners, coverage is seamlessly integrated into the customer journey.

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Live dashboarding of performance indicators for risk-carriers and partners.

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Smart claims handling

Reduction of time and costs of processing a claim, while enhancing the user experience.

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Licenses and approval

We know our way around the industry. We have all required approvals and a license to distribute insurance products throughout Europe.

Partnering with internet platforms



Alicia offers relevant protection for the Gig Economy worker, at the right moment.

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Customer journey

Alicia provides coverage at the click of a button. We increase user loyalty and happiness.

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Alicia can add complex insurance products to the total offering of the internet platform and respects the user's data.

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Who we are

We come from a more than one hundred years old insurance broker and MGA. We have seen the struggle to keep up with new markets and audiences. Knowing the limits of the traditional world we decided to start from scratch, but with a century of experience.