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Insurance for the tech-savvy user

Alicia changes the way people get insured. We bring insurance to people by integrating it into platforms, brands and marketplaces using our API technology. With our technology, we make sure platform users are covered exactly when they need it and what they need it for.

Seamless, tailor-made, when and where it’s most relevant. Makes sense right?

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We’re an insurtech company, combining insurance with the power of technology. This means we can bring insurance to the most relevant places: internet platforms and marketplaces. With our API, we make sure your users always have the perfect insurance coverage.

Security tailored specifically to the user, faster and easier than ever before.


Embedded insurance

Alicia’s plug-and-play solution makes it easy to seamlessly integrate insurance into your online business.



Alicia makes insurance available when it’s most relevant, making sure users get covered in seconds and is active immediately.



Personal data belongs to the user. With their permission, we use relevant platform data to personalise their insurance. Hassle-free and GDPR compliant!

Platform pos

Platform positioning

Close the protection gap for platform users and gain a competitive advantage, attract new users, and improve user loyalty with our modern insurance solutions.

User understanding

User understanding

We understand the tech-savvy platform user. We’re mobile-first, always personalised, and ensure super fast onboarding.

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Licenses and risk-carriers

We’re a digital MGA and broker developing innovative insurance products, working with the best insurers in the world. With all the required approvals and licences, we can distribute products all throughout Europe.

What embedded insurance can do for you



We partner with platforms, marketplaces, and brands to design and offer essential services to their users. We add important securities with seamless implementation.

protection gap

Close the protection gap

The widespread use of platforms has created new risks for users. Protect your community with personalised insurance solutions that traditional insurers can’t offer them.


Empower your business

With embedded insurance, your business gains a competitive advantage while attracting new users, increases its user loyalty, and gains a more sustainable business model.

Alicia’s story

Before Alicia, Marijn was fully submerged in the traditional insurance world. He saw that it needed updating and that insurtech was the way forward, but didn’t know much of the technical side of it all. Enter Richard: tech entrepreneur and, conveniently, a good friend. Together they came to the conclusion that for Alicia to flourish it needed to be more than a project: it’s a restart. And now here we are, doing what we love and changing the way people get insured.