Knab x Alicia

Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through embedded insurance

Knab is always looking to better service its customers and expand its online ecosystem. Supporting many freelancers, Alicia’s embedded insurance solutions were a great place for the market leading neobank to start.

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Temper x Alicia

Solving gig workers’ protection gaps

Gig work is on the rise, and has been for a while now. Yet the insurance industry struggles to keep up, leaving many gig workers uninsured. Alicia helped Temper protect its FreeFlexers by integrating flexible insurance.

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Flextender x Alicia

Personalised insurance for freelancers

For Flextender’s freelancers, projects were often extended. That’s good news of course, but it was a problem for their insurance. Pay too much for a full year of coverage, or save money and work uninsured for a while? Alicia developed a solution, so they don’t have to choose.

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HeadFirst Group x Alicia Benefits

Fully embedded collective insurance for independent professionals

To service their professionals at the highest potential, HeadFirst Group is committed to continuously optimising the services they provide. With Alicia Benefits, they can offer an array of fully embedded, perfectly fitting insurance solutions to their professionals.

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Temper x Alicia Benefits

Pay-per-use collective insurance for gig workers

With gig work back on the rise post-pandemic, Temper wanted to make sure there wasn’t even a shadow of a doubt that their FreeFlexers went to work well-protected. With the Alicia Benefits community, all FreeFlexers are now covered for liability, accidents, and even sick pay.

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