Accident insurance for freelancers

Accidents happen, and they can have a big impact. For the worst case scenario situations, there’s accident insurance - offering financial support if somebody becomes permanently disabled or even passes away due to an accident.


Accident insurance offers coverage for those scenarios you’d rather not think about – permanent disability or even death due to an accident. Still, this can happen to anyone. The costs these situations bring are often higher than expected too. This insurance pays out a lump-sum, which can help cover such costs.


Permanent disability and death often come with high, unexpected costs. The lump-sum offered by accident insurance can help out in such scenarios. Think of the necessary adjustments to a house or medical treatments, or as extra support for the next of kin. That’s why accident insurance is a good insurance to have for everyone. That being said, how pressing it is to have this insurance differs per type of freelancer. Especially for those performing physically riskier jobs, it’s important to have this insurance sorted.

Covered yes/no.

Here’s an overview of what is and isn’t covered by accident insurance.


We believe that insurance has to fit like a glove. Contact our sales team to discuss how we can tailor insurance to your freelancers.

  • Permanent disability due to an accident
  • Death due to an accident
  • Costs of a hospital stay
  • Damages to personal belongings due to an accident
  • Re-education costs
  • Illness
  • Death or permanent disability due to illness
  • Alcohol, drugs and similar substances
  • Intentional recklessness
  • Dangerous sports

Always a fitting solution for your freelancers.

Every freelancer and platform is different – that’s why Alicia has different insurance solutions. We make sure there’s always one that fits your platform.


Ultra-flexible insurance that truly fits freelancers. Fitting coverage that’s purchased online in less than 4 minutes and active the next day, with the ability to cancel daily.


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The tailor-made, all-in-one solution. Differentiate your platform by ensuring all your freelancers are automatically insured, or enable them to become Alicia members.

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