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For most freelancers, insurance just means ‘hassle’. Still, it’s important that they’re insured well. That’s why Alicia develops insurance specifically based on freelancers’ wants and needs.

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Finding the right fit for your insurance solution is a bit like pick-and-mix: add insurance or a service, or leave one out. It all depends on what your freelancers do and need.

Stuff that happens to freelancers at work

Protecting freelancers, means understanding their business. That is why, our coverages are based on the job they actually do and the risks that come with it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Learn more about the what, the why & the differences between business liability and professional indemnity.

Stuff that freelancers need at work

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Professional, flex or platform work – every freelancer is different. That’s why we always look at your freelance population and tailor the insurance package according to their needs.

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Do freelancers need insurance?

Yes, they do. Freelancers are responsible in case something goes wrong, meaning they’ll need to pay for the damages themselves. And these damages can amount to quite the sum. That’s when being insured can really make a difference.


For clients too.

It’s not just the freelancer that’s affected if something goes wrong – it can also lead to trouble for their client. For example if a freelancer is uninsured and can’t pay the damages. That’s why it’s important for both clients and freelancers that a freelancer is insured properly.


The problem.

Insurance without the rigid rules and unnecessary additions – there’s very few insurances made to fit freelancers. Traditional insurance on a monthly or yearly basis doesn’t fit with freelancers’ flexible lifestyle. Besides, oftentimes freelancers are classified as a small business (SME), which assumes they have employees. As a result, freelancers need to pay for coverage they don’t and won’t need.


The solution.

We think this old way of doing insurance is nonsense. That’s why we make insurances that fit precisely with freelancers’ work and lifestyle. Insurance that is clear, flexible and fitting to its core.

Alicia — Insurance for the Independent

Always a fitting solution for your freelancers.


Ultra-flexible insurance that truly fits freelancers. Fitting coverage that’s purchased online in less than 4 minutes and active the next day, with the ability to cancel daily.


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The tailor-made, all-in-one solution. Differentiate your platform by ensuring all your freelancers are automatically insured, or enable them to become Alicia members.