Professional indemnity for freelancers

Mistakes can happen to anybody - freelance professionals are no exception. A miscalculation or wrong advice can have very negative effects for a client. For such mistakes, there’s professional indemnity insurance.


Professional indemnity insurance covers financial damages, caused by ‘professional errors’. Think of extra costs or lost revenue due to mistakes such as accidentally giving the wrong advice or making a miscalculation.


Professional indemnity insurance is a bit less tangible than business liability insurance, which covers damages to people and their belongings.

Still, this insurance is an important one. The total sum often consists of different types of damages, which really adds up. Think of extra costs made to correct a mistake, the costs to mend a client’s reputation and the lost revenue, all added up together.

That’s why it’s mandatory for some professions to have professional indemnity insurance, by their sector association.

Covered yes/no.

Here’s an overview of what is and isn’t covered by professional indemnity insurance.


We believe that insurance has to fit like a glove. Contact our sales team to discuss how we can tailor insurance to your freelancers.

  • Damages caused by a professional error
  • Legal cost when liable
  • Cost for legal assistance when held liable
  • Damages to people's belongings
  • Damages to people
  • Damages due to investment advice or asset management
  • Directors' liability
  • Intentional damages

Always a fitting solution for your freelancers.

Every freelancer and platform is different – that’s why Alicia has different insurance solutions. We make sure there’s always one that fits your platform.


Ultra-flexible insurance that truly fits freelancers. Fitting coverage that’s purchased online in less than 4 minutes and active the next day, with the ability to cancel daily.


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